FUND - Sales Tracker V2 - World's Finest Chocolate

WFC Sales Tracker Tool

The Hassle-Free Way to Run a Fundraiser

The most challenging part of any fundraiser can be keeping track of all the moving parts. That’s why we’ve created the World’s Finest Chocolate Sales Tracker Tool. This tool was created to make it easier for you to:

● Track chocolate passed out

● Money turned in

● Closeout your chocolate fundraising sales

● Track seller prizes

● Create money due reminders

Paper record keeping can be difficult to manage, easy to lose track of, and can take time to balance. Our sales tracker tool is customizable, easy to operate, and capable of covering all the needs of your chocolate fundraiser so you can focus on what matters most, raising the funds you need without all the fuss!

If you would like to get organized today, download the WFC Sales Tracker Today! Have questions? Contact your local fundraising specialist for a training session.

*Office 2017 or later and Excel list of students is all you need to get started.

Lesson 1 – WFC Sales Tracker Requirements

Lesson 2 – Saving and Adding Account Information

Lesson 3 – Adding Participants from a Spreadsheet

Lesson 4 – Adding Participants Manually

Lesson 5 – Setting up Your Prize Program

Lesson 6 – Entering Chocolate Out and Money In

Lesson 7 – Using Distribution Label Feature

Lesson 8 – Using the Prize Ticket List Feature

Lesson 9 – Using the Pay Reminder Feature