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Spark Your Fundraiser with a Bonus Day

Create a Bonus Day to Give Your Fundraiser a Boost

Looking for helpful tips to sell more chocolate? Did you know one of the most efficient ways of motivating your sellers is with a Bonus Day? A Bonus Day is a special day of reward that adds an added incentive to your sellers to sell more than one box. This Bonus Day can run in conjunction with your prize program.

Running a Bonus Day is easy!

  • Pick your bonus day. Mondays are a great day, as it gives your sellers the entire weekend to sell!
  • Remind students to take another box home
  • Money returned on the bonus day will earn an extra prize

Bonus Day prizes can be fast, fun, and easy to pull off! Check out our Bonus Day reward ideas below! If you still have questions or need more inspiration, contact your local fundraising representative.