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Chocolate for a Cause


Your mission is our mission: to raise money for a charity close to your heart. Together, We Fund Charities


World’s Finest® Chocolate is the #1 product fundraising company in the U.S., annually raising more than $150 MILLION for charities and communities. Our Chocolate for a Cause program is an extension of the fundraising that we are known and loved for that is tailored to the retail landscape. World’s Finest Chocolate works with retailers of both national and regional scales, across all classes of trade (including convenience, dollar, drug, grocery, and mass), to raise money for any charity or non-profit organization of the retailer’s choosing.

Chocolate for a Cause is incredibly easy to implement and is an effective way to support the causes most important to you while also engaging your store-level employees and customers in the effort.

World’s Finest Chocolate would love to work with you to customize a promotion for your stores. Please reach out to us today for more information!

Since its inception in 2015, THE CHOCOLATE FOR A CAUSE Program has raised $7,064,355 for nonprofit organizations across the United States

Other Fundraising Opportunities

If you are looking to implement a non-retailer-based fundraising program (traditional hand-to-hand fundraising), please visit our traditional fundraising opportunities page.

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