Why Choose WFC?

Cartoon people collecting comedically large fundraising money


Up to 50% profit

Earn $24-$30 profit per box, depending on the number of boxes ordered., You’ll be happy to earn so many fundraising dollars

No Up Front Costs

Public and Catholic schools are automatically pre-approved for credit terms. Credit worthy organizations and individuals can also apply for credit

Profit Guarantee

If you don’t earn as much as your last similar fundraiser, we will march you last profit PLUS we will add a additional 10% on the top!

New Customer Incentives

Qualifying orders receive free chocolate to pay for amazing prize programs.

Easy to Sell

Our chocolate is so delicious and well-known, it practically sells itself. It cant be found in fundraisers, so customers know they are getting something special.

Additional Expertise

Fundraising experts in you area are dedicated to help you plan the perfect fundraiser at no additional costs.

Sell-Out BONUS

Qualifying orders that sell all of their chocolate receive a bonus check!!!

Contact Us For More Fundraising Questions

For more information regarding why you should select Worlds Finest Chocolate for your next fundraiser. Please do not hesitate to browse our FAQs page, Connect with a Rep or Order Directly! We also have a convenient Store Locator Tool. The locator can help you and your team with a few extra cases for a quick resupply option. *Profit excludes shipping and applicable taxes.