Fundraising Basic Questions & Decisions

Profitable Fundraising Basics



The Top Questions & Decisions To Make Before Starting Your Fundraiser

1. Do I need the help of a Fundraising Specialist?

Our hands-on fundraising specialists at World’s Finest® Chocolate ensure the success of your fundraiser by informing you of the best-selling products in your area. You will be referred to one of our passionate, experienced local sales representatives, who will design the perfect program to fit the needs of your organization. Our experts are full of profitable fundraising ideas and expertise to help you earn the most amount of money in the least amount of time. Fundraising specialists are also helpful to those who have a lot of experience coordinating fundraisers, because they often offer prize incentives and special promotions.

2. Should we establish a fundraising goal?

Knowing how much money you would like to raise helps with the decision of which WFC products to sell and how many cases to order. Setting a specific goal also motivates the participants in the campaign to sell to their highest potential.

3. When should we start a fundraiser?

A chocolate fundraising campaign can be run almost any time. Generally, if the campaign is to raise money for team or group activities, it is best to run the campaign at the beginning of the season. This is when participation and enthusiasm is typically highest and your results should reflect this. Your local fundraising specialist will know what other organizations will be selling World’s Finest Chocolate in your area, helping you minimize fundraising overlap.

4. How long should a chocolate fundraiser run?

The length of your campaign can vary depending on your objectives and the motivation of the fundraisers. Campaigns don’t have to run a long time in order to be successful. Typically, a campaign that runs 2 to 4 weeks can be very effective. By setting a specific beginning date and ending date for your fundraiser, it is easier to generate and maintain enthusiasm. For the best results, make sure the event is the primary focus of attention!

5. Who should be our fundraising campaign leader?

It’s important to have a leader that will stay motivated until the end of the campaign. They should be organized and have good communication skills to ensure everyone is kept informed and energized. For larger groups, it is desirable to have adult volunteers to assist the leader. The assistants can help with receiving and distributing the chocolate. If necessary, they can also help with contacting participants during the campaign. It is also important to have one person who is responsible for collecting the money. That can be done by the leader or someone appointed by them.

6. Where do we get more fundraising ideas?

Our goal is to make sure your fundraiser is easy, fast, and profitable. Over the years, we’ve implemented tons of fundraising ideas to take your overall fundraising efforts to all new heights.

Fundraising Programs

7. Should we sell $1 product or $2?

Depending on the type of campaign you’re running and the number of volunteers, one price point will be better suited than the others. Fill out our Fundraising Calculator (coming soon) for further assistance.

Advantages of $1 Products Advantages of $2 Products
  • Generate the least amount of profit per case but are arguably a bit easier to sell to the broader community.
  • Well suited for a fundraising campaign that targets the broader community rather than the families, friends and neighbors of your participant.

$1 Bar Details

  • Generate profit more quickly than $1 products and most people still find the pricing reasonable.
  • Fewer case sales generate the same amount of profit.
  • Suitable for the widest range of fundraising campaign types.

$2 Bar Details

8. Should we sell Straight Packs or Variety Packs?

You also have a choice of selling either Straight Packs, which contain only one flavor of product, or Variety Packs, which have several flavors included.

Advantages of Straight Packs Advantages of Variety Packs
  • Present the product in an appealing way and make finding the desired selection easy.
  • Continental® Almonds and Foil Wrapped Chocolates come in an attractive carry cases that presents well in an office environment.
  • Offers a variety of product types and flavor choices to appeal to wide range of personal preferences.
  • Well suited to fundraising sales in the office or work place.
  • Present the product in an appealing way and make finding the desired selection easy.

Variety Pack Details

9. How Much Product Should We Order?

There are a number of factors that affect the number of cases you can sell so it is very difficult to generalize. Depending on the campaign objectives, organizations such as sports teams typically order from 1 to 5 cases per participant. For a large school-wide campaign, an initial order of one case per student is typical. For smaller groups within a school, fundraising for a specific purpose, one or more cases per student may be ordered. The most important factors in determining how much product to order are the financial objective and the motivation of the participants. To get a better idea of how many cases you should order, as well as an estimate of your profit with World’s Finest Chocolate, try our fundraising profit calculator.

10. Receiving and Storing Your Chocolate

If possible, before accepting your delivery, inspect the shipment for missing or damaged cases. Count the cases to ensure it matches what you ordered and the shipping paperwork. If necessary, ask the driver to make a note of any missing or damaged boxes. If there are any issues contact our Customer Service Department immediately at (888) 821- 8452.

If you are storing the chocolate prior to distributing it to the fundraisers, store it in a secure and cool area. Chocolate is a food item and is heat and odor sensitive. Do not store near a heat source such as a furnace, radiator or windows.

11. More questions?

Still have some questions about getting started with World’s Finest Chocolate? Check out our FAQs page for additional support. Or check out our “get started” page to start a fundraiser!