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$2 Chocolate Bar Fundraising

Double the Chocolate, Double the Profits

While most people are familiar with World’s Finest(R) Chocolate’s $1 bar fundraisers, we also offer a great assortment of fundraisers for $2 as well. Our $2 bars are larger than our $1 bars and come in the same best-selling flavors.

Benefits of our $2 fundraising products:

  • Sell fewer products and make the same amount of money. Sell half as many products, as compared to our $1 bars, and make the same amount of profit. You’ll still earn up to 50% profit* on all $2 items sold.
  • Greater variety of chocolate flavors. In addition to our popular chocolate bars, we also have boxed chocolates available.
  • Excellent value. Our $2 products are made of premium quality chocolate and are sized appropriately so you get maximum value for your purchase.
  • There’s always a reason to buy more. Unlike wrapping paper and other household goods you can purchase through fundraisers, our $2 bars will not sit unused around your supporter’s house. They’re so delicious that people will immediately consume them and have a reason to buy more from you!
  • Looking for a few other fundraising ideas, check out our blog!

Get Started with Your WFC Fundraiser Today

Your next fundraiser with World’s Finest Chocolate is going to be a hit! We have a few ways to get started – Connect with a local rep in your area or buy directly from our online store.