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$1 Chocolate Bar Fundraising

Our Most Popular Chocolate Fundraiser Box

Since 1949, people have come to rely on our $1 bar as their primary way to fundraise. We still offer this option today, and it is as popular as ever! Here are some benefits of our $1 bars:

  • Everyone has $1. Your supporters are happy to purchase a fundraiser for this reasonable price.
  • Up to 50% profit on all $1 products sold*.
  • They’re as good as you remember. Not only are our $1 bars affordable, but they’re also a premium quality chocolate, so you’re getting a great value.
  • Assorted flavors for all tastes.
  • You can’t find them in stores. Our $1 fundraising bars can’t be found in retail stores like some of the other brands out there, so your supporters know they are getting something special.
  • There’s always a reason to buy more. Unlike wrapping paper and other household goods you can purchase through fundraisers, our $1 bars will not sit around your supporter’s house, unused. They’re so delicious that people will consume them right away and have a reason to buy more from you!
  • Looking for other fundraising ideas, check out our blog!

Start A Fundraiser Today!

Kick off your next fundraiser with World’s Finest Chocolate! We have a few ways to get started – Connect with a local rep in your area or buy directly from our online store.

*Excludes tax and shipping.