Success Stories

Success Stories

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By Megan Thomas, Gainesville , Florida (United States)

Both my children went to Washington DC through school and also to Europe. Now I am sending my daughter to Australia. We started out small because I was scared. I thought, “who would by 500 candy bars”. Well, in one day my son, daughter and I sold 300. We went back to the school and asked for more. We took 300 more bars and sold them in just two days. By the end of the fundraiser we had not only paid for their trip which was $500, but we paid for 3 others who didn’t have the chance to go otherwise. The trip to Europe was $4,500 and with the help of your brand name, Worlds Finest® Chocolate, we met this goal. This year the stakes are even higher: $5,600. But I know with the support you give, and the quality of your candy, my daughter will make this goal, and get to go to Australia for a educational life changing experience. When my daughter asks, “Would you like to buy a candy bar to help me for only $1.00?” she is proud to say it’s the world’s finest and they almost always agree. Adults tell their stories of how they sold the same bar and it still is only $1.00 after all this time. Thanks and your company really is the World’s Finest.


By Jane Baker, Concord , North Carolina (United States)

When my oldest now 31 was in middle school, he sold the most WFC bars at his school. He had a part time job delivering newspapers and he constantly sold bookoos of this wonderful candy bar. He would win each week $50 for selling the most in his class. He was invited to participate in a trip to Europe that year as well and used his money for gifts for the family. A wonderful experience. He's still known as the candy bar boy around town.


By Sue Ellen Endick, Demarest, New Jersey (United States)

I sold WFC 35 years ago as an elementary school child at Our Lady of the Rosary School in Yonkers, NY. I remember that the man who came to our school would talk to us and there was an incentive each year. The child who sold the most chocolate bars would win a giant stuffed bear named Freddy the Freeloader. I never won Freddy but had a lot of fun selling (and eating!) the chocolate. To this day, it is still my favorite chocolate, and whenever I see anyone selling it I end up buying at least 10 bars. Thanks for letting me share my story.


By Chuck Cercone, Morton Grove , Illinois (United States)

When I was a kid, our school had us sell all manner of things to raise money. This was back in the 60's. I think that WFC was the only product that we actually looked forward to selling. The kick-off day was a big event when the company rep. would show up at the school to coach us on selling the product. Never call it candy it's World's Finest Chocolate. The guy always identified himself as Mr. Chocolate in fact, he would start out by saying Boys and girls, do you know who I am? and, roughly 500 of us would shriek maniacally, You're Mr. Chocolate!! We raced out of school with competitive fervor eager to be the first to knock at our neighbors' doors. We spilled out our rehearsed sales patter and countered the buyers' objections politely. And we sold lots of candy. Sorry - chocolate. And, you know what? I really think that the experience helped us. We learned money management and persuasive speaking skills. We forced ourselves to talk with adults and we learned that we could survive the disappointment of not making a sale. It was personal growth. We were independent contractors and we took pride in our successes. Not a bad deal, Mr. Chocolate.