Working with a WFC Sales Representative

The Secret to your Most Successful Fundraiser Yet!

When you fundraise with World’s Finest® Chocolate, we want to ensure your fundraiser is successful. That is why we have a network of experienced fundraising sales representatives all over the country. They are there to share their expertise with you to select, plan, and execute your most successful fundraiser yet. This takes the pressure off of you and puts the FUN back in fundraising!

Think of your fundraising sales representative as your partner in fundraising. This person brings years of fundraising experience to your organization and can suggest tried and proven approaches to fundraising. When you combine that with your knowledge of your organization’s goals and talents, you have a powerful team that will help you meet and exceed your fundraising goals!

Your fundraising sales representatives will help you choose the right product, quantity, and timing of your fundraiser. He/she knows when other groups in your area are also fundraising, and can suggest a timing that will ensure that your group will get maximum attention. In addition, he/she can provide you with incentives to boost your group’s participation. Your sales representative lives locally in your community, so he/she can visit you personally to work through all your questions and set you up for success.

Finally, one of the major benefits of working with a WFC sales representative is the ability to customize your WFC fundraising product with your group’s name, logo, photo, and fundraising message. You can even choose your own custom mix of chocolate flavors within the fundraising boxes to make it uniquely yours! Minimum order sizes and lead time apply to this type of personalization. Ask your sales representative about personalization; he/she can walk you through all the specifics.

Use our sales representative finder now to locate your local WFC sales representative to discuss your upcoming fundraising.