Variety Packs

Variety Packs | All Your Favorite Flavors in One Box

Something For Everyone!

Who doesn’t love variety? This is why our Variety Packs are best-sellers. They combine everyone’s favorite flavors into one powerful fundraising box. This gives your supporters more choice in their purchase, and your organization earns more money because you’ve got something for everyone.

World’s Finest® Chocolate offers Variety Packs in two affordable programs - $1 and $2. This means that all products within the Variety Packs are sold for either $1 or $2 each, depending on which Variety Pack is selected. For their fundraiser purchase, your supporters receive a high quality chocolate product in their favorite flavor, at an excellent value.

If you’re not sure which product fundraiser is best for your group, World’s Finest® Chocolate’s Variety Packs are always a safe bet. With over 65 years of fundraising experience, we have created the perfect flavor mix within each Variety Pack that your supporters will love. Visit our Variety Packs page to view all the Variety Pack options for your group. Your fundraiser is sure to be a success!

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