Nutritional Information

Get Up and Get Moving with World's Finest Chocolate

At World’s Finest® Chocolate, we believe that chocolate can be part of a healthy lifestyle if eaten in moderation and paired with a regular exercise routine.

Promoting Active lifestyles:

For many years, World’s Finest® Chocolate fundraisers have helped provide healthy lifestyle opportunities by raising funds for sports and fitness programs. At a time when schools face critical budget shortfalls, it is more important than ever to be able to leverage the selling power of chocolate to generate the money necessary for students to have a chance to be engaged in physical activity at school.

The fundraiser is also a way to promote active lifestyles at home. Families can start a new walking routine as parents and children walk the neighborhood together to sell the chocolate bars.

Tips for a healthy lifestyle:

  • Practice portion control. Eat smaller amounts and share treats, like candy, with others.
  • Remember that chocolate is a treat, not an always food. Enjoy it for smiles, but always in moderation.
  • To be healthy and happy, be active for an hour every day.
  • Live a balanced life. Study hard, play hard and eat well.
  • Make the right choices. Choose the right foods at the right time in the right amounts.

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