Allergy Information

Food allergies are a growing concern among parents in the US. This is why World’s Finest® Chocolate has products available that are free of common food allergens. Most of our products are produced in a peanut-free facility, and many items are also gluten-free. Please check the packaging on individual items to determine allergen information.

Allergen Information and Facts

Does WFC offer products that are free from nuts and gluten?

WFC recognizes that food allergies are a serious concern – especially among children. It is important that we offer a large variety of product options that are free of the most common allergens.

What are WFC’s efforts to ensure that products labeled free of a particular allergen do not contain trace amounts of that specified allergen?

We monitor all product ingredients and adhere to strict product labeling standards. WFC stands by 100% accuracy in our product labeling. Each product is identified and listed in compliance with the current food labeling requirements. We sample and test ingredients from our suppliers on a regular basis to ensure reliability and consistency.

Gluten-Free Q & A

What does it mean to be Gluten-Free?

Gluten is a protein complex found in wheat. A gluten-free diet is a diet free of any products made with wheat. By FDA standards, foods containing less than or equal to 20 ppm are considered gluten –free foods.

Who is affected by gluten allergens?

Currently approximately 18 million Americans suffer from a gluten sensitivity (either a gluten sensitivity or Celiac’s disease).

How will we benefit from having Gluten-Free Products?

Currently about 6% of the US population is effected by some sort of gluten sensitivity. Additionally, some people believe that a Gluten Free diet has health benefits. This is a trend that is increasing. Making designations to call-out our gluten-free products will be a positive change that will allow us to market products as Gluten Free, eliminate negative criticism, call attention to a serious issue, and get a competitive advantage on many of our competitors.

What products are gluten-free and will there be some type of designation?

All of our $1.00 items are Gluten Free, with a few exceptions with products included in variety packs that are not manufactured on the premises, such as Groovy Gummies and Ravin Raisins. There is a designation on all labels, cartons, and cases to specify which items are free of gluten. Please refer to the Gluten-Free/Peanut-Free Item List for a more specific list of items.

Peanut-Free Q & A

What does it really mean when we say a product is peanut-free?

We are currently a peanut free facility, we do not produce items that contain peanuts, and we do not allow peanuts or peanut by-products to be brought into the facilities. We take the necessary precautions to ensure that we remain a peanut free facility.

How can we be a peanut free facility, don’t we produce items with nuts?

Peanuts are not the same as tree nuts (almonds, cashews, walnuts, etc.), which grow on trees. There is no proven correlation between peanut allergens and other nut allergens.

Who is affected by peanut allergens?

An allergy to peanuts is one of the most common food allergies. A peanut allergy currently affects approximately 1 million Americans.

How will we benefit from being a peanut free facility?

Due to health concerns and the risk of allergic reactions in children, many schools have become peanut free zones. WFC feels it is in our best interest to do the same. Becoming a peanut-free facility and labeling our products as such will eliminate restrictions and enable more options and opportunities for our customers, providing you with a competitive advantage.

What products are peanut-free and will there be some type of designation to specify each?

Our entire $1.00 and $2.00 line is peanut- free. There are exceptions with products included in variety packs that are not manufactured on the premises, such as the Groovy Gummies and Ravin Raisins (the facility in which these are produced is not a peanut-free facility). Other items would be the Cashew Clusters, Pecan Clusters, and of course the Peanut Butter Bears. For a full listing please refer to the Gluten Free/Peanut Free Item List.

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