Our Culture

It’s the key to our long-term success.

While we’re serious about making high-quality chocolate, we’re also serious about having fun. So, while we can’t make having a good sense of humor a job requirement, we definitely appreciate delivering a well-timed joke, making each other laugh and sharing smiles.

Humble with a big heart, our CEO Eddie Opler sets the tone for working hard and having fun at World’s Finest® Chocolate. Our team is made up of talented, considerate and generous employees who care deeply about the success of our business and each other.

Here are some examples of what makes WFC a special place:

  • Working safely together to achieve the National Safety Council’s One Million Hours Without a Lost Time Accident Award.
  • Implementing Accountability Leadership, ensuring we communicate consistently and effectively within our teams and cross-functionally.
  • Participating in Town Hall meetings twice a year, where our CEO, Eddie, spends most of his time answering questions from the team.
  • As part of our 75th Anniversary celebrations, we hosted a Bake Off using WFC products. We sold the leftover treats at a Bake Sale to raise money for the Greater Chicago Food Depository.
  • Celebrating Pi(e) Day (3.14 or March 14) with our employees, contractors and visiting guests.
  • Volunteering to Teach-For-A-Day and showing how well we roll at the Bowl-A-Thon with Junior Achievement Chicago.
  • Recruiting employees to sing at our 2014 summer picnic, WFCPalooza.
  • Playing recreational soccer with our CEO, Eddie, and team members from the office and plant.
  • Sharing a meal served by the senior leadership team before we break for the holidays, and collecting food for The Greater Chicago Food Depository.

Work At WFC