About Us

About WFC

Making delicious chocolate for three generations

Since 1939, World’s Finest® Chocolate has crafted premium chocolate directly from the cocoa bean. By using only the finest raw ingredients and our unique family recipe, we ensure that every piece will satisfy your chocolate cravings.


Our founder, Ed Opler, Sr., pioneered chocolate product fundraising, starting with our first customer: Zion High School. Just outside of the city of Chicago, the Zion HS band was the first group ever to do commercialized product fundraising. Since 1949, we’ve helped our customers raise over $4 billion!

Chocolate Gifts

World’s Finest® developed our gift offerings from the 1960s through the 1980s, selling to corporations around Chicago who gave our chocolate as gifts to their employees and customers. Many of our gift products can be personalized, making your gift extra special.


In 2006, World’s Finest® Chocolate acquired Queen Anne® from a cherry processor in Michigan. Since then, the classic good taste of America’s #1 Cherry Cordials has been made from our Chicago headquarters.